Houston Astros Throwback Uniforms

20 Feb

When the Houston Astros franchise first joined Major League Baseball in 1962, they were known as the Colt 45s. Their logo is attached:

In honor of the team’s 50th anniversary, the Astros are going to play a few throwback games and wear replicas of the old uniforms. However, MLB made them remove the gun from their uniform. Why????? Are they fearful of an uptick in violence on nights of Astros throwback games? Does MLB think by not providing a picture people won’t figure out the meaning of Colt .45?

Perhaps MLB should make the Astros use this logo instead on the front of the Houston jerseys:


This way they’ll be no chance of violence. Plus, Houston can invite Billy Dee Williams to throw out the first pitch.

Maybe the real reason is MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is trying to emulate the NBA. The Washington DC franchise was originally known as the Bullets. They changed their name to the Wizards due to rampant gun violence occurring in the city. Miraculously, not one person has been shot and killed in DC since the franchise name was changed in 1997.


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